Friday, November 13, 2015

Planner Stickers: The Little Mermaid

Hi everyone,Since I have been posting my planner inspiration and I have been using planner stickers, that I found for free. This got me into thinking that I could make my own stickers to share with you. Below is a PDF for you to download and use for your personal use. I hope you like these; they are fall inspired. I hope to have more every week.  There are two options listed below as to how to print and use these stickers. I personally use option one. Also, these are made in an Erin Condren type style.
Download from Google drive
Option one: Print on Avery sticker paper          
Cut out              
Enjoy planning
Option two: Print on regular paper               
Cut out               
Glue on to planner               
Enjoy planning 
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As always,
Love you Lots BDancer<3
btws, I’m not sponsored by any of the products used! I own not right to the graphics used in stickers. 
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